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Course Introduction - Management Skills & Leadership Development

Lesson 1 – How to be a Great Manager through Strong Leadership

Lesson 2 – How to Manage and Organize your Department to Meet the Goals

Lesson 3 – How to Manage your Employees & Build a Strong Team

Lesson 4 – How to Hire & Retain the Right People

Lesson 5 – How to Deal with Conflict, Problems, Difficult Employees & Firing

Lesson 6 – How to Delegate, Manage your Time, Solve Problems & Make the Right Decisions

Lesson 7 – How to Get your Point Across through the Art of Business Communications

Lesson 8 – Business Basics Part I – Business Types, Ethics & Law, Economics, Finance & Accounting

Lesson 9 - Business Basics Part II – Operations Management, Customer Service, IS & HR

Lesson 10 – Business Basics Part III – Marketing & Sales

Management Skills Course Conclusion and Exam for optional "Master Certificate in Business Management"

Certification is the key to success
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Management Skills
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Master Class Management & Leadership Training Course - Table of Contents

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Master Certificate in Business Management
Master Certificate in Business ManagementMaster Certificate in Business ManagementMaster Certificate in Business Management
Master Certificate in Business Management